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Cat Biographies

Osiris is a brown tabby and a littermate to Isis. Slightly overweight due to penchant for stealing food (particularly pizza) from the humans and bullying siblings out of their food bowls.
Also a brown tabby, Isis is significantly smaller than her brother. She is dainty and an absolute princess. She loves to be held and carried around the house.
Our third rescue from a shelter, Hermes wears a black and white tuxedo. He was a very awkward teenager with coarse, wiry fur but he has grown into a handsome cat.
If Isis is a princess, Artemis is a queen. A family member's cat had kittens before she could be taken in to be spayed and this fiesty gray fluffball was one of her kittens. She is the most standoff-ish of all our cats, but possibly the prettiest.